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The Kol Kore Program by Kol Koren LTD. is the most advanced multimedia package of its kind. This program is intended for self-study use by Bar Mitzvah students or as an exceptionally well thought-out aid for Bar Mitzvah instructors teaching the traditional Torah portion. The Kol Kore program enables the Bar Mitzvah instructor to make more use of his time while still supervising the student and granting his student greater self-confidence.

The Kol Kore program includes, apart from its uniquely designed software, complete recordings of all five Chumashim (the Five Books of Moses), in many different Torah reading styles. All the relevant Haftarot and Brachot are also included with the program. These readings have been specially recorded by master Torah Readers. The program inherently teaches the Torah Trops as well.

The Kol Kore program is based upon a complete sensory experience that drastically improves the student’s learning capability and absorbtion. The student can highlight the area s/he is interested in reading, from an area that spans one word up to the entire Torah portion. The segment is marked in color while its recording is sounded. This latent benefit allows the student to repeat any reading segment easily and endlessly, allowing non-musically inclined students to enjoy their learning experience as well.

Each word in the segment is highlighted in color as it is read aloud.  Alternatively, instead of reading the word, the word’s associated trop name or melody can be sounded as the word is highlighted. The Kol Kore program takes great care to differentiate between stopping and combining trops, which are so important to the understanding of the Torah Verse. The Hebrew punctuation and/or Trops, which can be shown in different colors, can be shown or hidden, thereby emulating the text as it is actually written in the Torah scroll itself.

Because the program is so simple and flexible, correct, yet traditional Torah reading habits are naturally instilled in the learner, from day one. Your end product is a crystal clear reading that was learnt using an exceptionally fun and intuitive product. Thousands of students in Israel and abroad, young and old, have successfully and joyfully, learnt Torah reading with the help of the Kol Kore program. Even experienced Torah readers continue to use Kol Kore on an ongoing basis.

In Kol Kore’s Professional Teacher’s Edition, Kol Kore supplies the teacher with everything needed to create an efficient and pleasant learning environment for the students. The program enables the teacher to easily record the Torah portion, verse by verse. The recording can be edited, reviewed and changed. The program also grants the teacher a personalized and secure online Kol Kore website database through which the teacher can manage his students. The the teacher can upload the recorded Parshas to be downloaded by the students to the web site’s database, quickly and easily.

If you are preparing for your Bar Mitzvah and are interested in receiving the Kol Kore program customized with your teacher’s recording of your Torah portion, tell your teacher about Kol Kore or Press Here to enter your teacher’s details.We will be happy to contact him/her and prepare together for your Bar Mitzvah. 

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