Kol Kore LTD. - Registration and Licensing System

The Kol Kore program is protected by copyright laws and may be used only by licensed customers, according to the terms listed in the License Agreement.
Press Here to view License Terms
No commercial use of this software product, or CD, may be made without the explicit written permisssion of Kol Koren LTD."
Accepting the Activation Key directly acknowledges your full acceptance of the License Agreement. By accepting the Activation Key you also declare that the Kol Kore program will be used solely by the registered user.
Your Customer Number appears on a sticker on the first page of the User Guide as presented in these examples:


Enter the customer number exactly as it is printed.
Customer Number  

Your Customer ID is a personal number that may not be transferred to others. This number identifies you as a Kol Koren customer and is used as the Kol Koren Proof of Purchase.
Store this number in a place where you will remember.
It is required whenever contacting Kol Koren LTD. for any reason.

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