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  You need to learn your Bar Mitzvah Parsha quickly and precisely.
Kol Kore is for You!  -  Use your computer and enjoy the learning.
  The advanced  Kol Kore Multi-media program, is suitable for everyone!!!
Thousands of Bar Mitzvah students have enjoyed the Kol Kore experience. They, their parents, their teachers and their congregation are all convinced that Kol Kore was a great part of their success. Make Kol Kore part of your success too! Try it Now!!

The standard version is intended for self-study use when learning the Askenazi, Yerusalmi and Morrocan trop. The program includes full recordings of all Five Chumashim and Haftarot by experienced Torah readers.

The Teacher's Version integrates the teacher's personal recordings in our tool. These recordings are transferred from the teacher to the student via our secure Website.

  •   The Kol Kore Program: -
  •   An exciting learning method
  •   Simple and Easy to Use
  •   Torah, Haftorahs & Blessings
  •   Imitates the Torah Scroll
  •   Click to hide vowels and Trope marks
  •   Regular Hebrew or Ancient Torah fonts
  •   Trop and vowels in different colors
  •   S'Vah Nah and small Kamatz notation 
  •   Recordings by Expert Torah Readers
  •   Actual voice of the Torah readers
  •   Askenaz, Yerusalemi or Morrocan  
  •   Click to repeat any segment
  •   Each word is highlighted as it is read
  •   Complete English Translation
  •   Thousands of Satisfied Students
  •   New !!!  Teacher's Version !!!
  •   - with Self-Recording Studio
  •   Your Voice our tool ! 
  •   Success Guaranteed
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Ideal for Bar Mitzvah
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