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The Bar Mitzvah is soon. You've been preparing for months. A talented student, an excellent teacher, yet the Bar Mitzvah student is only ready at the last minute.
Does this sound familiar?! This scenario repeats itself with thousands of Bar Mitzvah students and hundreds of teachers throughout the world, year after year. The Bar Mitzvah student comes to you, all ready to learn and invest his time. But when push comes to shove..., it seems that although the average Bar Mitzvah student is certainly mature, he's still young enough to prefer games than hours of tedious practice.

"Torah drains a person of his strength". It's hard enough for the young man to learn to read in another language, requiring him to read carefully, they also expect him to sing in this difficult language?! Therefore, without practice and more practice in his home - the meetings with you, the teacher, that were intended to support and direct him, turn into singing lessons. The burden and responsibility of your students' success is turned over to you. You are expected to do an extraordinary job to help the young man learn his reading, all the while coaxing him gently into success - and all this must be done in the short time alloted for your lessons with him.

חנוך לנער על פי דרכו. The Kol Kore system can help turn the entire Torah reading learning process from a chore into an enjoyable experience. All of a sudden, the student is actually interested in practicing for his Bar Mitzvah. He happily arrives to your scheduled meetings prepared .

Where were you 20 years ago when I learnt for my Bar Mitzvah?! is the reply we get from most parents who have heard about or tried the Kol Kore program. The Kol Kore system with its special Teacher's Version, has created a revolution in the way Torah reading is taught. From now on, your expertise and experience is integrated into the Kol Kore system. Now you're a 21st century teacher, with a computer, just like the kids. The computer is the perfect tool for the Bar Mitzvah student to practice with. For the first time ever, you can incorporate your voice in Kol Kore's advanced multi-media system.

Your Time is Precious.From now on, you have your own recording studio, where you can record and edit personal recordings for your students. Your recordings are integrated in the Kol Kore program where every recorded word is automatically linked to a printed word that is highlighted when the program plays the matching text. Your recordings can be transferred to your students via Kol Kore's secure Internet site or via a CD that you record yourself. Your students receive a sophisticated multi-media system integrated with your voice. The Torah scroll is displayed on the computer monitor in regular Hebrew print or in Torah (S"TaM) letters. With or without vowels and Tropes, in different colors. Each word you recorded is connected to a text that is displayed in color on the screen. As the reading progresses, the colors change. Your students can repeat and practice any Torah Segment, from as little as one word to the entire Parsha, with the click of a button, as needed , until the reading is finally perfected.

Kol Kore's Teacher Version supplies you with Internet storage space by a secure Internet Server where you can store your recordings - for current students or even for future students. In addition, you can define a student list and define which Torah Portions are to be ascribed to which students. Each student according to his individual Learning Plan. After the student receives a link – in an email message from you – the student will be able to download, via the Internet, his Kol Kore Program incorporated with your recordings.

The means ARE important as the ends. The enjoyable learning experience with Kol Kore leaves the student asking for more. Learning becomes fun. The results of this type of learning are readily detected in the students.

  • Non-musically inclined students – can continuously repeat the difficult segments simply and easily. The computer doesn't get tired.
  • Uninterested Students – think they're actually playing a game, although they are busy learning
  • .
  • Talented Students – can reach higher and more exact levels of reading with amazing results.

One friend brings another, the students always tell their friends about great learning experiences. We've reached thousands of students after their friends were so excited about Kol Kore, that they told more friends. You, the teacher, will also be suprised to see that you have more students calling on you, all of a sudden. Don't be suprised when even unconventional students come knocking at your door.

We learn from everyone. We're always revising and updating our program to your advantage. So, if you have any comments, please let us know. Our grandparents learnt only by using a book. You, the teacher, probably used tapes and tape recorders to practice. Today's generation is connected to computers. As the great King David said "I would be poor and dull without Your Torah, לולי תורתך שעשעי אז אבדתי בעניי". Our job is not only to teach our children Torah, but also to endear the Torah to them. Now is the time to take advantage of the benefits of technology for learning purposes.
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